We understand you are up for some fun after relaxing at beautiful Bwejuu beach. Ofcourse you did not come all the way out to Africa for nothing! So why not get to know a bit about the welcoming Zanzibari culture, learn how to cook up a Swahili dish or get into action and opt for a bike tour or some kitesurfing lessons while you are on the island? There are so many places to discover. Just let us know what you are up to and we can arrange everything for you. Like they all say over here, hakuna matata....No worries!

Bike Tours


Ocourse you can hire a driver and drive out to your destination of interest. But riding a bike gives you the opportunity to see a lot more of the surroundings at your own pace. Why not get some insight on the historical background of old Stone Town on one of Blue Bikes Zanzibar tours? Or meet the local farmers during the organic farm tour? 


Cooking Classes

Get a peek into Swahili kitchen and learn how to cook your own chapati, pilau and Swahili curry. This trip is offered by Lau, a born and raised Zanzibari. The lessons take place at a local household in nearby Jambiani and will take up to 4 hours. Ofcourse your homecooked lunch is included in the price of 30 USD (excluding transport).

Meet the locals


Another one of Lau his trips: Meet the friendly people of the small fishing village of Jambiani. Learn about their daily life, see how local ladies use coconut husks to make coconut rope and visit a seaweed farm. The tour will take up to 4 hours and costs 20 USD (excluding transport).

Swim in a cave


Kuza Cave is a 50 metre round sink- hole in the middle of a small jungle in Jambiani. Cross a small bridge and walk down a few stairs to enter an underground oasis. The circular shape of the cave is a result of over 250,000 years of rainwater eroding the limestone. Entrance fee is 10 USD (excluding transport).

Yoga For All


Never tried yoga before? Why not give it a try with one of the professionals of Yoga Zanzibar! You are welcome to book a 90 minute lesson at their studio in town for 12 USD (excluding transport). This is a great activity to combine with a relaxing trip to Nakupenda island afterwards. Ofcourse we can also invite the teachers to our beautiful Bwejuu beach for your own private session.


Feel like a sultan  

Soak up on the rich influences of Arabic, Indian, Persian and European culture, Stone Town has to offer. Visit the old slave market and fort. Feel like a sultan at the Palace Museum, stroll through the narrow streets to find the Hamamni Persian baths and stack up on handmade gifts at the Cultural Arts Centre. We can arrange transport for 35 USD return.